SuperMax Hurricane Shutter

Impacted 50x @ 55 mph to 65 mph with no screen damage

Don't Believe it? Come See it!!

A Multi-Purpose Shutter Tested @ ASTM Missle E Wind Tested @ 186 mph Cat 5

"Custom Hurricane Products produces SuperMax Hurricane Screens, A ASTM level E Missile hurricane shutter designed for homes, businesses and storm shelters. SuperMax Uses an Aramid fiber that is comparable to Kevlar™. Tested to absorb 3x more impact energy than FBC (Florida Building Code and Miami Dade NOA. SuperMax is in a class by itself and there is no comparison"

SuperMax Hurricane Screen picture

Spans up tp 384" Heights Of 175"+ Wind Loads up to 75psf 10 year warranty

Superior Impact Protection

SuperMax Hurricane Screen picture Impact
SuperMax Hurricane Screen Is made from 50% Aramid fibers (Same fiber used in bullet proof vests). Aramid gives SuperMax Hurricane Screen a superior resistance from flying objects during a hurricane. It has more than 3x the stopping power required by Florida Building Code and Miami/Dade impact requirements without any damage. Our competitors can’t come close to this accomplishment.

Impact Video

Longest Lasting

SuperMax Hurricane Warranty
SuperMax Hurricane shutter’s fabrics fibers are coated with Textelene™. For more than 50 years Textelene™ a proven coating used in Sun Shade industry has been used to protect fibers from ultra-violet exposure. Polypropylene used by our competitors is known to breakdown quickly (very quickly) with ultra-violet exposure. Twitchel™ the manufacturer of Textelene™, warrantees the fabric in SuperMax Hurricane screens for 10 years.



Multi-Purpose         "Four Shutters in One"       Designed for Daily Use

Solar / Shade

SuperMax Hurricane Screen stops 95% of Ultra-violet rays. SuperMax Hurricane Screen is see through and provides shade.


SuperMax Hurricane Screen stops bugs such as mosquitos, No-seeums, wasps, flies


SuperMax Hurricane Screen stops 95% of wind from penetrating through the screen.


SuperMax provides the highest level of ASTM hurricane Shelter impact requirements. It provides protection of category 5 hurricane winds.

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Test Lab

"At 54 mph I was expecting the 2x4 to blow through the screen with ease. It not only stopped the 2x4 but there was absolutely no damage"


" ... I am so thankful that there is a company that really stands behind their work and wants to make their customers happy ." Marty

About Us

Custom Hurricane Products established in 2005. It has a 20,000 square foot facility is located in Bradenton Florida dedicated to hurricane product manufacturing. We are quality certified by NAMI.

Custom Hurricane Product demonstrate impacts of the SuperMax Hurricane Shutter for the public by appointment only.

Custom Hurricane Products is a dealer based Hurricane shutter Mfg that does not engage into retail hurricane product sales.